Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Uhh, how do I use this thing?
  2. Why did you write it?
  3. Can I access my schedule later?
  4. Can I create schedules for summer and fall at the same time?
  5. How do I get the CRNs to plug into Oscar?
  6. My summer classes don't show up on my calendar. What gives?
  7. Is there a way to print just the weekly calendar?
  8. How do I search for humanities and social sciences?
  9. Where can I see how many hours are on my schedule?
  10. Do you check to see if a class is full before giving the option to add it to your schedule?
  11. I type in 'mgmt' and, and it says 'No Results'. What's up with that?


  1. Search! Choose your semester, and search for classes you want to take. You can search using a variety of inputs, including:
    • Subject - such as "cs" or "isye"
    • Course - such as "1502" or "4001"
    • Subject + Course - such as "lcc 3401" or "mgt 4660"
    • Professor Last Name - such as "wood" or "smith"
    • Course Title - such as "thermo", "accounting", or "communication"
    • Attribute - either "hum" or "humanities" for humanities, or "ss" or "social science" for social sciences
  2. Besides the motivation to make scheduling easier for all Tech students, this site is part of a group project for a Spring 2007 LCC 3401 class. We created a walk-through on how to build a site similar to this one for other schools. That site can be found here:
  3. Unfortunately, no. However, your schedule is stored as long as your browser is open. As soon as you close your browser, though, your schedule is gone.
  4. Yes! You can view your semester schedules by following the semester links near the top of the Schedule page. You can't create multiple schedules for the same semester, however.
  5. Under the 'Class List' heading on the Schedule page, the given semester's CRNs are listed. Use these values when you officially register in Oscar.
  6. Summer classes have odd start and end times, such as 10:40am - 11:50am and 1:45pm to 3:30pm. Sadly, the system that maps the string class times to schedule slots is not robust enough to handle these oddities. This will definately be one of the first problems addressed in future updates of this site.
  7. Not at this time.
  8. Search using the terms "hum" and "ss".
  9. You'll have to compute the total number of hours yourself, currently. Because the credit data is a bit corrupted (see question #8) and because some classes have a variable number of hours (research classes range from 1 - 21 hours), we decided to leave out a calculation of the total number of hours you're scheduled for. Sorry if this is an inconvenience.
  10. No. We don't check current class capacity data at any point in our algorithms.
  11. Use 'mgt' instead.